Monday, April 26, 2010

Things are looming

So what did I go and do last week??? Brought home a loom. I had been wanting to learn how to weave and met a women a few months ago who said she would love to show me how to weave. So after a few months of thinking about it I finally gave her a call. She mentioned that she saw a free loom on Craigs list and suggested I check it out. Well I did and the rest is history. Here's a few photos of my loom and my first weaving project.

The fiber for my weaving is perl cotton.

Weaving is kind of fun. I find myself sitting at the loom for 10 min here 10 min there. With spinning, if I sit down to spin for a bit it ends up being hours so the weaving is a nice way to just take a break for a bit.

Found this fun website where I can post things I made on Mondays. Thought I would see if it helps get me more sales on my Etsy site.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun with fiber

OH, how I love when I get to go to fiber functions. Last weekend was the Whidbey Island Spin-in and as usual it was great fun.  I left a couple of days early so I could visit with a friend who lives in Anacortes. I arrived at her place around 6 PM on Thursday, we just hung out and watched a movie. Then Friday I helped her pack. She sold her house and it was a quick turn around so she has to be out by April 30th. It was nice to be able to lend a hand. She's a good friend who has come over to help me several time to trying and help me sort though all the crap I have in the basement, so it was now my turn to help her.  Saturday morning I headed for Whidbey where I met with friends and spun the day away. Amelia of Ask the bellweather was the guest speaker and there was lots to learn. That evening my friends and I hung out in our hotel room and just had fun with chatting, eating and more spinning. And then Sunday was more spinning and learning from Amelia.  It all ended at 3 PM and rather than heading straight home I decided to go see the tulips. They were lovely but it was also very sad. At one time all the farms grew tulips and the all the fields were filled with color. Now there are just two large companies that grew them and it's all so commercial. You have to pay 5.00 to park and at some spots you have to pay 5.00 to get to their field. But I enjoyed the tulips I did get to see.

Here's the twins looking lovely as ever!

Karen and Terri, They were my roomies at the Camp Burton Spin-in.

I also got to meet Jon and his wife Carla. Jon took over the production of the Pocket Wheel and is doing a lovely job at it.

Here are photos of the amazing tulips...

Of course, there where the PINK tulips : )

How about some Red Tuilips...

And let's end with some Yellow tulips...

Saturday, April 03, 2010

What a couple of weeks!

The last two weeks have been full of stress and a test of my love for DH. Men are such babies when they get sick and my DH is no exception. DH developed at tooth infection. I kept telling to go to the dentist but he wouldn't listen, he was sure it was something else.  Instead he moaned and groaned and was just a big pain in the rear. Poor guys face blow up like a balloon and even then he wouldn't take my advice. After the situation got so critical that I became fearful that the infection would effect his heart he got in to our dentist and was put on antibiotics. His face is back to normal and he's feeling much better. He has to wait another week before having a root canal or getting the tooth pulled. The Dentist wanted to wait until the swelling was completely gone before attempting to any dental work. Whats frustrating is the fact that he wouldnt listen to me and that he let it get so bad. What is up with that? I knew what I was talking about. I had gone to dental assiting school so it's not like I know nothing of what I was say but he still wouldnt listen. Really drives me nut.

On the creative side, things are going great. I'm working with a friend on some collaborative pieces and they are so darn cute!!! I'll post more about this in a few days AND I'll have photos : )

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Excited to share...

I was selected to be in a Treasury on Etsy today by a lovely women who take's great photos Molly's Muses. I am so flattered! Check out the Treasury! She's got some great picks. Thanks Molly!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spinning Fun

Last weekend I went to the NsRSA Camp Burton Spinning retreat on Vashon Island.
Not only is this retreat fun for the spinning and gabbing with friends but Camp Burton is really a cool place. the Staff there make some of the best meals ever. They accommodate almost every food issue people can have and they make it taste great. I even came home with a recipe. I stayed at the retreat center rather than the cabins this year and the little bit extra was well worth it. I shared a room with two other women who I know from spinning functions. We had a lot of fun together. I arrived there Thursday and came home Saturday evening. I could have stayed one more night but I felt guilty being away from home so long, especially since Dan is spending every waking moment working on our basement remodel.

Here are a couple of photos of people spinning...

My mom bought me these cute slippers for Christmas so I thought I would ware them for spinning.

The next few months are going to be busy, I have lots of beads to make. I just finished photographing this cute Bee Hive to put up on my Etsy site.

I'm going to apply for the "Urban Craft Uprising" so this week I need to make samples, take photos, fill out the applications and get it mailed off. I haven't done a show of this magnitude in a long time so I'm a little worried but excited at the same time. I'm also doing a couple of collaborative pieces with a friend of mine. We have two samples right now and they are so darn cute. Sorry I cant show a photos yet, it's top secret ; )

Well, I better get back to work...

Monday, March 08, 2010

A week late...

Humm, I'm a little behind in my blogging. I lost track of time while my brothers dogs were here. They took a lot of time and energy. They are extremely high maintenance and though I was glad to see them go, I do kind of miss them. (I must be crazy).

I got together with my Friday knitting group a couple of weeks ago for a Saturday dye day. What fun we had.
Here is one style of dying some of the women did. It was way cool!!!  I need to get a photo of the finish yarn.

The rest of this week is decidated to making beads, making jewelry and doing paperwork (taxes). Thursday I'm heading to Vashon Island to go to a spinning retreat at Camp Burton. Should be a fun time!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tweet, Tweet!

Just a quick hello and to say... I have a new item on Etsy It's so darn cute! I am having so much fun finding props for my jewelry, it's all I think about these days.

Last night my brother brought over his dogs for me to watch while he goes to Hawaii for a week. Must be nice!  They are very active little guys which keep me on my toes because I never know what trouble they're going to get into next.  I have some cute photos of the little monsters but I cant seem to find them right now. I'll post them a little later.